Getting Your Feet Wet: The MS Reference License and the Sonatype OSS Maven Repository?

This post is concerned with my licensing decisions regarding publishing a wsdl within a distributable jar with the view of using the Sonatype OSS Maven Repository so that I can create a demo Maven project that pulls in the jar and reference wsdl implemented by my web service (

I have a simple requirement, and that is to publish an artifact containing a SOAP wsdl and an accompanying set of Java classes, predominantly generated from the wsdl.

For now, I don’t want to, nor have the time to, spend hours researching the most appropriate license, all I want to do is to retain all my rights, in particular commercial rights, when it comes to my wsdl, as its my intellectual property. So, having already spent a few hours on this, including reading informative posts such as “Pick a License, Any License”, I’ve come the the conclusion that the best course of action is to pick the MS Reference License as a base and naturally I will be the Licensor, not Microsoft, and naturally there will be no platform restriction.

So, this is my way of getting my feet wet, perhaps I’m going down the wrong road, perhaps not.

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